About the Hickory Church Connection

Who We Are

Our mission is to display the visible unity of the church in Hickory, North Carolina. Hickory Church Connection (HCC) is here as a resource for you to see the connections, events, and unity that is experienced through over a hundred different churches in the Hickory area. These events and connections happen throughout different seasons on the calendar and all across the city.

In John 17, Jesus prayed that his people would be one as He and the Father are one. Just as Jesus prayed, Hickory Church Connection is working hard to bring these connections together so that the body of Christ would be unified as one. It is so important in today’s world not just to come together as the body, but also to highlight and inform you when these opportunities take place.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We hope you find it useful and helpful. Our prayer is that this site would give you a small glimpse of the unity found in many churches in the Hickory area and the body of Christ.

What We Believe

The vision of Hickory Church Connection is to display the visible unity of the Body of Christ in Hickory, North Carolina.

While individual Christians and churches have held many different beliefs in the past (and present), there is a Center to our faith that has been consistent for two thousand years.

We believe the vast majority of those who identify themselves as Christians across the centuries and around the world would agree that….

  • We believe God exists in three co-equal, co-eternal Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe God created everything that exists and continues to interact with all creations and all people in providence, through prayer, and for the purpose of our salvation.
  • We believe Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human, and that he died for our sins, was  buried, rose again for our salvation, ascended to his Father, and will come again.
  • We believe the Holy Spirit binds together believers in the universal, invisible church, and that he desires believers to actively join local churches to worship together, grow in faith and community, and bear witness of Christ to the world by word and deed.
  • We believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are uniquely inspired by the Holy Spirit to guide what we believe and how we live.

All of us believe more than these five statements, but they are a starting place and a point of unity for each believer in Jesus Christ. Churches listed on our web site have not been asked to affirm these statements in writing, but if we are aware that a congregation or religious group does not share this Center of our faith, we have not listed them on the web site.

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