Directory of Hickory Area Churches

Here is a list of churches in the Hickory area that we have been able to identify. Each church within the boundaries of What We Believe has been listed unless the pastor or official representative from that congregation has asked us to remove the church. If you see omissions or errors, please fill out the form on this page. It is our desire that all these congregations experience unity and connection on multiple levels.

A church listing on the HCC web site does not imply endorsement of all that congregation teaches or does. Each individual looking for a church home should exercise discernment under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Browse listings by name (alphabetical order) below or click one of the denomination listings in the right sidebar...

  • Calvary Baptist Church Baptist
    1823 3rd Ave SW - Hickory, NC 28602

    828-327-2976Website Directions

  • Christ Church – Mt. View Methodist
    2416 Zion Church Rd - Hickory, NC 28602

    828-294-6858 Email Website Directions

  • Christ Church – Northside Methodist
    3750 N Center St - Hickory, NC 28601 (Jenkins Elem)

    828-294-6858 Email Website Directions

  • Christ Lutheran Church (LCMS) Lutheran
    324 2nd Ave SE - Hickory, NC 28602

    828-328-1483 Email Website Directions

  • Christ United Baptist Church (SBC) Baptist
    1131 33rd St SW - Hickory, NC 28602

    828-320-4772 Email Website Directions

  • Church of God in Jesus Name Uncategorized
    454 17th Ave NE - Hickory, NC 28601


  • Church of the Master United Church of Christ
    2230 29th Ave Dr NE - Hickory, NC 28601

    828-256-2274 Email Website Directions

  • Church of the Nazarene Nazarene
    3404 S NC 127 Hwy - Hickory, NC 28602

    828-294-0640 Email Website Directions

  • Clinton Tabernacle AME Zion Church Methodist
    480 Catawba Valley Blvd - Hickory, NC 28602


  • Community Baptist Church (Independent) Baptist
    139 13th St SE - Hickory, NC 28602

    828-241-2643 Email Directions

  • Community Christian Fellowship Uncategorized
    3919 Icard Ridge Rd - Hickory, NC 28601

    828-495-7472Website Directions

  • Corinth Reformed Church United Church of Christ
    150 16th Avenue NW - Hickory, NC 28601

    828-328-6196 Email Website Directions

  • Crossroads Baptist Church (SBC) Baptist
    2288 Zion Church Rd - Hickory, NC 28602


  • Crown Center Church Uncategorized
    612 39th Ave NW - Hickory, NC 28601


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